Online Marketers Mastermind is a free training program, that offers the Online with the following objectives:
• What is an Online Business?
• How to choose and research a Niche?
• How to set up an Online Blog?
• How to monetize your Blog?
• How to create your own Digital Product?
• How to attract affiliate marketers?
• How to drive your own traffic?
• How to do a product launch?
• How to monitor control your product launch
Online Marketers Mastermind will show you how to setup an online business, it is step by step training system for internet marketers. It literally takes you by hand and leads you through the whole process from start to finish, so it’s perfectly suitable for newbies, as well as for experienced marketers who have not been able to see achieve any level of success.
There is an old Chinese proverb that says: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.
Online Marketers Mastermind is your fishing lesson.
The Online Marketers Mastermind gives you a complete blueprint to success with every details you need to succeed as online marketer.
It delivers huge value and the only price you’ll pay is the time you must invest. This could be considered either a pro or a con depending on your perspective.
The Pros and Cons may be many but from perspective what is considered a con is really a benefit.
Because if I think deeper, the cons are in fact big benefits, because you’ll learn a complete process that you’ll be able to repeat as many times as you want, but to make it happen you have to be determined and action taker. However, you have to work hard, it’s not a get-rich-fast-push-button system.
Pro: This is the real bonus ultimate reason of this whole training is to give you all the knowledge and tips allowing you to create a killing blog and helping you on your own product launches.
The Online Marketers Mastermind training is structured in stages and drip feed to avoid overwhelming our students.:
Stage 1
Introduces you to the basics of setting up an online business, even a very basic introduction to html, it also identifies what is a website and what is a webpage. The goes into the details of the various content management system including a detail introduction to WordPress. It also teaches you how to build and monetize your blog. At the conclusion you will be able get your own domain, how to choose name, install a WordPress blog along with various useful plugins to facilitate the creation of very interesting personal blogs, or business blogs.
Within the introductory stage there is an introductory unit we also learn how setup your autoresponders and creating your own email series design to develop the relationship with your email subscribers. It also demonstrates and expose our students to number of autoresponder service available to online marketers.
No program today would be complete without an introduction to social media. Online Marketers Mastermind guides you through the social media minefield. At conclusion you are able to setup your Social Media links.
Stage 2
This the Product creation stage where in our lesson, we teach to research and create your own product, review and eventually how to upload it to your website.
Stage 3
This stage is about Traffic. This section is a comprehensive traffic strategy, it teaches how to generate from social and traffic exchanges, affiliate traffic and organic sources by designing website that SEO friendly.
Stage 4
This is the product launch stage and it prepares you from start to finish what to do prior to, during and post product launch.
Stage 5
This stage prepares you for payment processing systems such as Clickbank, JVZoo, WarriorsPlus and various other payment processor.
The Online Marketers Mastermind is consisting of more than 60 lessons, and is delivered over a periods 60 days, the training is free and completely self-directed learning the only proviso here is if you follow the lessons as given you will maximize your ability to understand the concept being taught as each lesson builds on the previous lessons. The program that teaches you how to start an online business or how to increase online success. It is an all-in-one training, covering topics like monetizing a blog and starting, product creation and improvement, membership sites, market analysis, branding, assessing competitors, and product promotion.
In the first two weeks you are basically taught to create a domain and a WordPress blog. The beginning might seem slow, but for a reason: besides fulfilling these simple steps, you have a huge pile of bonuses to research.
The ultimate reason of this whole training is to give you all the knowledge and tips allowing you to create a killing blog and helping you on your own product launches. John himself will promote every single product of yours to his huge email list, provided that you’ll do your homework and create high quality products. You’ll end up with a working system, a highly responsive email list and an army of affiliates, not to mention brand awareness.
The Online Marketers Mastermind is not a ready-for-your system where you get a readymade funnel/system, you have to build everything from scratch by yourself.
However, everything you learn here will give you a lifelong skill in product development and traffic generation and upon completion of the program your understanding of online marketing will solid giving the necessary tools to be a success. Be sure to click the link, your online experience will never be the

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